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Issue with Export Data functions in Open Clinica

The 1.1 Release of OpenClinica contains an error in the conf/pg_data_warehouse.sql file. This file is used by the data warehouse utility to generate a table (test_table_three), that is used by the Export Data features inside OpenClinica. If the utility is failing, or you can see data in test_table_three but can’t see the data in Exported Datasets inside OpenClinica, you will need to change the ownership of that table.

The owner of the table should be clinica. Here are two ways to fix this:

Execute the following sql on the database: ALTER TABLE test_table_three OWNER TO clinica;
Open pgAdminIII. Open the database, and locate test_table_three. Right click on the table, and select properties. Change the owner field to clinica

You will also need to update the pg_data_warehouse.sql. I have attached the updated file. Replace your existing file with this one, so that when the table is dropped it will be recreated with the proper permissions.

Replace clinica with whatever user you use to make the database connections, as specified in your OpenClinica.xml, datainfo.properties. Note that if you use a different username, and you are using Windows you will also need to change that value in update_warehouse_jdbc.properties to get the Windows utility to work correctly)

Thanks, and let me know if you have questions,

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