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CDISC Export/Import With Study with Sites


I have run into an export/import issue. I have been experimenting with
exporting data and then changing the OIDs so that I can import the data
to a new version of the same CRF. My experiments seemed to support this
OK. However when I tried with a version with a full data set I have come
across an issue which I think is related to our set up of having 2 sites
within the study.

The exported CDISC file has a ClinicalData element for each of our sites
and this is not importable with the following error:

Your XML is not well-formed, and does not comply with the ODM 1.3
Schema. Please check it, and try again. It returned the message: element
"ClinicalData" occurs more than once. (parent class:
location: /ODM/ClinicalData

Has anyone come across this before?

I haven't tried yet but would presume that if I split the file with each
ClinicalData element in its own file I should be able to import it.

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