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[Developers] Long LEFT_ITEM_TEXT

The way that I do it without adding JQuery is to break out of the that the system uses for the LEFT_ITEM_TEXT. Which basically means that I add:

to the beginning of any item that I need a wider area to set my text in. This also allows you to style the text any way that you want (different font, color, etc.) since it is all in HTML code. It’s not perfect, but it’s a quick and easy way to style your LEFT_ITEM_TEXT.

Joshua Drignat
Research Informatics Core
Nationwide Children's Research Institute
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Subject: Re: [Developers] [Users] Long LEFT_ITEM_TEXT

Dear Zuzana,

Another option you could try is using headers or subheaders instead of left item text. This may not work in all scenarios, but I do it often.

Best Regards,
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Subject: Re: [Users] Long LEFT_ITEM_TEXT

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Subject: [Users] Long LEFT_ITEM_TEXT

Hi all,

I’m trying to found out, whether there is any possible way to change appearing of left_item_text in CRF.
Because we have some really long texts in our CRF, which means it is broken into 10 or more lines. Is there any way how to enlarge the column width, so these texts will be much more user friendly to read?
Thank you very much for any ideas!

Zuzana Doupovcová
Data Manager
cell: +420 602 565 722
tel.: +420 532 195 997
email: [email protected]

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