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[Developers] CRF display name

Dear Suresh,

Do you host multiple trials on a single instance? If so, you could try prefixing trial CRF names with ‘a short (2 character), unique trial code for each study’:

Otherwise, your suggestion is one way around needing a unique first 5 character string to avoid OID issues.

I don’t know how much extending the length of the CRF name before OID issues would help (often people want to have fairly similar CRF names differentiated by the ending, e.g. xyz adult and xyz child).


Sent: 10 December 2012 18:54
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Subject: Re: [Developers] CRF display name

Currently, I don’t see a way to set the display name of a CRF. It is displayed with the name in the ‘CRF_NAME’ field in the CRF. Given that the CRF_NAME should be unique, it has the potential of getting cryptic when there are lots of CRFs. Has anybody thought of a CRF_DISPLAY_NAME?

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