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setup of multilungual CRFs

Hi everyone,
How do you set up multilingual CRFs (same CRF in different languages)? My problem with eCRF versioning constraints is that the item's units and coded value lists cannot be configured with different (multilingual) values across versions, so I cannot use various CRF versions to easily bring the multilingual CRF data together into the same dataset.
My solutions thus far have been two and I don't like either:
1. have one CRF per language within the event, and hide/show the appropriate one at the site level, and then have validation rules in appropriate language point to the eCRFs -- however, this hit various bugs in how status of event changes (not) upon crf completion, and the display of discrepancy notes.
2. have to completely separate studies, one per language, and to all dataset merging etc after data has been exported.
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