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skip in openclinica. an issue of simple conditional display

Dear Users.


I have a series of questions as

Q2, single select ( As it must be for SCD), with response (1=Primi,2=Multi)
Q2.1, single select; display status=Hide ; SCD=Q2,2,Ërror Message"
Q2.2 single select display status=Hide ; SCD=Q2,2,Ërror Message"
Q2.3 Text display status=Hide ; SCD=Q2,2,Ërror Message"

It is working fine, in terms of, like when I select, Q2= Primi, Q2.1,Q2.2,Q2.3, do not displayed. and when I select Q2= Multi, then Q2.1,Q2.2,Q2.3, displayed to enter.

Point is here to ask, once I move forward, click on save, it gives me message for Q2.1,Q2.2 and don't give message for Q2.3, seems Q2.3 is Text and Q2.1,!Q2.2 are single select.

I mean system does not allow me to go, without entering Q2.1,Q2.2, also, I have left Blank, the REQUIRED Column, for all Q2.1,Q2.2,Q2.3

Thanks and Regards
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