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Apache proxy configuration

Hey Folks -
We have been using an apache proxy for an OpenClinica study for a while now. We would like to add a second server behind the apache proxy but are running into problems.
Our apache config is pretty simple, we have the following in our VirtualHost directive:
# Apache Configuration, only relevant proxy section
ProxyRequests Off

Order Allow,Deny
Allow from all

# Proxy for OpenClinica 3.1.2 server (on localhost)
ProxyPass /OpenClinica
ProxyPassReverse /OpenClinica
# Proxy for OpenClinica 3.1.4 server (on remote system)
ProxyPass /beta
ProxyPassReverse /beta
Going to http://ourdomain.com/OpenClinica seems to work just fine. We can use it without problem. But, going to http://ourdomain.com/beta does not work. The initial login page opens, but the jquery files fail to load. Their URLs are "http://ourdomain.com/OpenClinica/...". How can I setup apache to support proxy to multiple OpenClinica installs? The wiki page has configuration of multiple proxies for nginx, but not for apache.
Any help is GREATLY appreciated, thanks!


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