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re-loading CRF

Dear all,
we're trying to "move" a study from a VM to another, on a new server where OC 3.1.4 version has been installed (correctly).
I've downloaded CRF version form the "old" study to re-load them in the new OC version but...it does'nt work at all!!
And it neither show any kind of detail of error :(
Has anyone else meet this issue?
I'm not sure this problem deals with the new OC version...
Any help or opinion will be welcome!
Thanks in advance,
Giada Morpurgo
Clinical Research Project Manager
Zeta Research S.r.l.
tel: +39 040 358980 - email: [email protected] (Lun - Ven 9.00-15.00) - Skype: giada.morpurgo
via A. Caccia, 8 34129 Trieste - Tel/fax +39 040 358980 - e-mail: [email protected] - www.zetaresearch.eu
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