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One more token, please?

Hi Developers,
Could we have one more token please, for StudySubjectOID? With that we can add javascript to display in a CRF the value of items of other CRFs in other Events.
I'm thinking of :
<div id="ValueFromOtherEvent">&nbsp;</div>
<script src="includes/jmesa/jquery.min.js"></script>
jQuery(document).ready(function($) { 
         type: "GET",
         dataType: "xml",
         success: parseXML
      function parseXML(xml){
var OtherValue;
if($(this).attr("ItemOID") == "I_TDSGE_ITEM1"){
OtherValue = $(this).attr("Value");
{OtherValue = "Not available";}
function getValue(){
Many thanks,
Gerben Rienk


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