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Prepopulate repeating group with answers from previous CRF

koenvnkoenvn Posts: 9
I'm building a medication trial in OpenClinica 3.3. I want to register concurrent medication at each of the study visits. Currently, I have a repeating group to do that. I would like that in each subsequent visit, the repeating group is prepopulated with data from the previous time this CRF was completed so the physician can change them if needed and otherwise just save them.

I've done some research and found this thread from 2010, which pointed to this excellent guide by trial data solutions. Unfortunately, this deals with static data to prepopulate a repeating groep. I also understand how I can use 1 item in 1 CRF in a specific event to prepopulate using a InsertAction, but I'm not sure how I can select 'this specific item from this specific CRF from the previous event where this item was answered'.


  • lindsay.stevenslindsay.stevens ✭✭✭ Posts: 404 ✭✭✭
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    If the data fits in a repeating group, put the conmed crf in a separate non
    repeating event. Then if you want, in each other event, on your visit crf,
    add a reminder to keep the conmed event crf up to date.

    Since insert action rules don't work between events, the alternatives
    involve some coding. For example:

    - use javascript on a crf to do a rest query and place the values when a
    user views the target crf.

    - write a web services client in your favorite language to periodically do
    the rest query (or scrape the data) and insert the data via soap. If you
    look on github, I have written an openclinica soap client in php, dimagi
    did one in python for an xforms project, and ctmm trait did one in java for
    their systems.

    - write an xsl transform to reassign the data, set it up as an export
    format, schedule an export job with it, and schedule a subsequent import

    Best regards,
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