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Insight makes it easy to ask questions of ALL of your clinical and operational data and visualize answers via interactive reports and dashboards. The idea is simple, but the results are powerful: ask your questions, choose your visualizations, then return often for updated, interactive results that link you to all of the underlying data.

How to add new function


I downloaded the source code(3.1-SNAPSHOT) of OC and would like to customize the code to add a new function in the "Tasks" menu in the main interface.The new function would be something allow users to upload files, I know this function is available in CRF pages, but would like to make a separate one in the menu.

I'm kind of new to OC and the source code is kind of huge for me, so I don't know which class or classes I would need to work on, or what is the best idea to implement this. Any hint or instructions would be highly appreciate, thank you so much for help!

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  • GuppiGuppi Posts: 14
    Hi rui,

    You're right OC project is really huge.
    Firsly, add new URL with role access to the task menu in the navBar,jsp. 
    After that add new page (/WEB-INF/jsp/~) and controller/servlet for new feature URL (Please don't forget about web.xml) Code for new jsp page you can get from createCRFVersuion.jsp. Some usefull java code for your task you can find in the I can also advice to check DataEntryServlet for File item data type, but it can be diffucult for understanding first time. 

    If you need some help with code, please ask.
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