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Global CRF Rules and Study Specific CRF Rules

Is it possible to have a standard generic CRF such as chest x-ray used by multiple different studies (same design imported into all studies) and then create both global CRF rules and study specific CRF rules? 

If you have a standard chest x-ray form, and some rules apply regardless of the study, can global CRF rules be set to trigger within specific studies? 

So in other words, can global rules be written once, uploaded once, and centrally located then assigned to each new study where the specific CRF is utillized? 

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  • toskriptoskrip Posts: 271 ✭✭✭
    Unfortunately right now there is no support for global rules that I know of.

  • Thanks Tomas for the response.  I also received a response offline. 

    According to the offline response, and this agrees with your response, they are not global in terms of transporting the entire set of rules already embedded within the CRF and selecting that CRF with embedded rules for a new study. 

    Rules are currently associated with a specific study, not with a specific CRF.

    If I understand correctly, the rules are global in terms of within a specific study (i.e. in terms of automatically acting on different versions of the same CRF within a study). 

    Rules do not have to be written for each CRF version if the variable existed on both and has not changed.

    If I understand correctly, the rules are portable in terms of exporting the XML and then can re-imported into the new study.  There may be an alternative way to migrate rules to another study involving OIDs, but I'm not familiar with this method.

    In the future, it would be really powerful to have two levels of rules:

    1) rules associated with a CRF which are global across studies (not currently available)
    2) rules associated with a study and only apply within that study (currently exists)

    In the type of studies we do in our projects, both would be useful. 

    Thanks again,
  • toskriptoskrip Posts: 271 ✭✭✭
    Yeah, the only advice I can give is right now to have very generic CRFs which you will use across different studies. Prepare the rules on top of these CRFs.

    It is possible to program a special utility which can load the such rules in XML form and use OpenClinica web services to get necessary study metadata (for your chosen new different study). If you have the metadata it is possible to modify OID references within rule XML file to much the OIDs from newly chosen study. This way you could automate the process of rule modification and it should be even possible to use OpenClinica REST API to upload the rules to new study.

    I remember that somebody was creating such third party application (but I cannot remember who it was). These people have been using this approach for a little bit different reason. They had a testing OpenClinica server and production OpenClinica server and the study was always developed and tested on testing instance. Once testing was done they wanted to automate the process of study setup in production instance.


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