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What do I have to do to upload a new CRF?

I am working with an older OC version ( which I kind of inherited. I just maintained one study which is running on this OC instance and I never experienced any problems so far. However, I was asked recently to upload an additional CRF.

So I downloaded the template, prepared the CRF in excel and wanted to upload the new excel file. I have to admit, that I copy/pasted some parts form an older CRF… although I believe that is not (yet) a problem. When I am about to upload the CRF ”MS Excel File To Upload:” I select the new file and click “preview CRF version”. I get the following message back instead of a preview:

“The filePath you defined in datainfo.properties does not seem to be a valid path, please check it.”

I tried to search for similar issues in the forum and found an older post; however, I have not really an idea what they are talking about. It sounds to me that I need direct server access which I do not have actually. But before I start talking to the IT pros I thought I ask the community to better understand the issue and maybe you already have a solution for me?

What would I have to do to upload a new CRF and receiving the message above?

Where can I find the datainfo.properties?

Do I need to get access to the server that is hosting the OC instance?


I hope someone can help; I would highly appreciate it!

Thank you

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    sorry for multiple postings, I received only error messages "try again later". Didn't want to spam the forum with my first post... well done :-/
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    You will find datainfo.properties on the server that is hosting OC. Look in c:\oc\tomcat\webapps\openclinica\web-inf\classes

    You must have access to the server to be able to check datainfo.properties.



  • Hi,

    You need access to the OC server, and you can find the datainfo.properties on the following path:

    Kind regards,


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