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OCDataImporter uses TrialDataSolutions' database to create subjects/events via web services.

Hello all,

We have modified OCDataImporter so it uses Trialdatasolutions' web service database to create study-subjects and event scheduling. 

The tool also generates ODM based XML files to upload CRF data, based on the users text data file, as usual. 

This new version, including documentation, can be found on:

Cuneyt Parlayan
VU medical center, Dept of pathology - Amsterdam - EU.


  • ccollinsccollins Posts: 379 admin
    via Email
    Hi Cuneyt,

    That's great. Does this mean it can now be used without requiring a direct
    SQL connection to the OpenClinica database?

  • parlayanparlayan Posts: 139
    Hi Cal,
    Yes. This means that the tool creates records in the TDS database that can be used to create study-subject and event scheduling web service calls to OC. The SQL's are still generated only if the web service database is not used; for the users still want to use this method. 
    Best, Cuneyt.

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