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Site wise statistics

Hi OpenClinica Users.
Greetings !!
We have been using OpenClinica 3.1.4 community edition for last 2 years. We had been running with 3 sites without any issues. We were able to see all home page report.
Now we have added two more sites in Openclinica.
Now issue is with site wise statistics.
if we see study wise statistics, we see 1105 patients,. But when we see site wise statistics, it show 1100 , a total from old 3 sites. 5 new patients are from one of the 2 new sites. Whose statistics are being shown 0 instead of 5. In subject matrix, we are getting those 5 subjects, study wise statistics are also showing 1105, but site wise , there are some problem.

I little bit checked with back end tables too and found, in one table named study, there is one column named old_status_idinteger. What I noticed there is , all old three sites have value 4, but 2 new sites have value of 1. Is it related to my problem?

Before doing anything, I thought to share it with users and experts.

Many Thanks and Regards


  • GerbenRienkGerbenRienk Posts: 810 ✭✭✭
    Hello Manoj,
    To answer your second question: the column old_status_id does not have any consequences in the showing of the site-totals. It displays the status-before-the-current-status.
    If you display the new subjects in the subject-matrix with the show-more-option, can you confirm that they are actually enrolled in one of the new sites?
    Kind regards,
    Gerben Rienk
  • Manoj SoniManoj Soni Posts: 163
    via Email
    Dear sir

    Many thanks for reply

    There is one study and 5 sites. 3 sites are old and 2 are new.

    Enrollment is being done by Ivrs system.

    Ivrs people say that enrolment is done from their end.

    At openclinica end in subject matrix I can see new subjects when I am
    logged in as data manager who can see all sites

    When I log in as clinical research coordinator for site 4 who enters data
    for site 4 which is a new site. , No subjects are displayed

    Earlier 3 sites did not have these issues.

    In main page study wise number of patients are 1105

    Whereas site wise only 1100

    5 missing are from the 4 th site

    Thanks again for helping

    With regards
  • toskriptoskrip Posts: 271 ✭✭✭
    Hey Manoj,

    what you describe looks like, these 5 new patients have been enrolled into the parent study and not to the specific site. Can you go the the parent study and locate the new patients are check their SiteID attributes?

    If the enrollment was done by Ivrs, it could be that the system have a bug and instead of enrolling with Site StudyOID it was using Parent StudyOID.

  • Manoj SoniManoj Soni Posts: 163
    via Email
    Thanks Thomas

    I will see it and get back to you.
    Warm regards
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