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A patient does not show up for a visit

In one of our projects we have many visits. Inevitably it will happen that a patient won't show up for a visit, and you can't convince them to come in, but he/she comes in for the other visits. How do I best document this in the data base. I cannot save the visit as complete without filling lots of information and to put a note next to all fields is not practical as there are more that 100 fields per visit.
What do you suggest??



  • AssmannMAssmannM Posts: 14
    edited January 2016
    Hello Krister,

    The best way is to create the event with a fictional data (probably the date the patient was expected to come in) and then set the status of the event to either skipped or stopped, whatever you prefer.

  • Michelle_DMichelle_D Posts: 90
    via Email
    Hi Kristiak,
    What we have done in our studies is, we had a question in the eCRF asking if the visit/treatment was performed on schedule or not?
    That way, when the patient does come in, you are still filling out that visit that he should have done, but you are stating that it was not performed on the date it should have been done. So you don't have to skip anything.
    Perhaps this method could help you in the future studies.

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  • kristiakkristiak Posts: 1,281 ✭✭✭
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    Hi Michelle,

    We have a date and a comment field but since we have not filled in any of the other fields, the visit cannot be saved as completed!!

    I guess we could remove the "required" flag and save it that way! I would have hoped for a smarter way!


  • salmafsalmaf Posts: 5
    Hi Krister,

    You can change the event status to skipped or you can add a CRF which has questions related to non attendance.
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