Modifying drop down menu in CRF when database has data

We need to add a value to a drop down menu in a CRF. The table that is associated with the CRF contains data for all subjects in the study. We need to add a value to the drop down menu for one variable. I have been told this requires re-entering the data for that CRF. Is this true? I would think that since the structure of the database table isn't being changed this addition of a drop down menu option would not require re-entry. Any help is appreciated.


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    If you are just adding a new option-value-pair to a singleselect, then you can do that by creating a new version of the CRF.
    You will then have two versions in your output, if you use SPSS-format (or html or excell) and if you do not want that, you must migrate all CRFs entered in version A to version B. This is done on a per subject-basis. Lindsay Stevens modified a script written by Sander de Ridder, Rinus Voorham and Jeroen Belien, which does this in selenium.
    Hope this helps,
    Gerben Rienk
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