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Repeat an event an unlimited number of times.

I have been reading the documentation about setting rules to schedule different instancies of a same, repeating scheduled event, and it is not clear to me if I could repeat an event an indefinite number of times.

For example, from the example, 2 follow up treatments are defined; to define the second one I have to code the event indexes as constants:

<Target Context="OC_RULES_V1">SE_FOLLOWUPTREATMENT[1].STATUS</TargetContext>


<EventAction IfExpressionEvaluates="true" OID="SE_FOLLOWUPTREATMENT[2]"> ... <ValueExpression Context="OC_RULES_V1">SE_FOLLOWUPTREATMENT[1] + 7</ValueExpression> ... </EventAction>

This is easy to extend if I want 5, 10 or 20 CRF, but if what I want is "one CRF each week, until discharge", without a discharge date limit, how could I express that as a rule (if that is possible at all)?

Thanks in advance.
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