Rules in repeating group


I'm struggling to make rules in a repeating group !

I have 1 event for AEs which is 1 CRF with a repeating group.
When AEs are being entered, I want to check for example that if it's a grade 4, "Serious AE ?" must be yes.

None of all the syntaxes I tried, work, and I tried a lot.
Can you please tell me what do I have to put in the target field (IG_AE.I_GRADE ? I_GRADE ? IG_AE[ALL].I_GRADE ?) and in the expression (IG_AE.I_GRADE ? I_GRADE ? IG_AE[ALL].I_GRADE ? IG_AE.I_SERIOUS? I_SERIOUS? IG_AE[ALL].I_SERIOUS?) ?

Thanks a lot !



  • kristiakkristiak Posts: 1,312 ✭✭✭
    You have to write a rule to make that work!
  • RCHENURCHENU Posts: 203
    Well, thanks Kristiak. I know that I have to write a rule but mine don't work in a repeating group, that's why I'm asking for the right syntax.
    I want to compare 2 fields of the same row, obviously, but I can't manage to do that.

    If you can provide the right syntax.

  • lindsay.stevenslindsay.stevens Posts: 404 ✭✭✭
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    To compare items in same row: target = full OID path, expression OIDs =
    item oids only.


    expression= "ItemOID eq ItemOID2"
  • RCHENURCHENU Posts: 203
    Ok, It's working now !

    @Lindsay, is there a risk to only put an item OID in the target ?

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