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Edit checks problem...


I need your input on how you do handle the following, because right now it is quite an issue for us:

When a rule (from an xml file) or a validation (from an xls file) is triggered on a field, the user needs to either provide a right answer or let the value to be checked with a note.
When he comes back to the field to make a correction, if he corrects the initial wrong value with another wrong value (on purpose or not), there is no way to see that, and no warning.

For instance, Body weight must be between, let's say 20 and 120 and this is defined in the excel file in the validation column.
He enters 720 and has a warning. He puts a note, save, and will correct it later, after checking the source document.
He then enters 1,87 (because he made a mistake between weight and height), and this time there is no warning at all and he can save normally.

I have the same behaviour with the equivalent rule, as a test. If I run the rule on batch mode to check that everything is all right, message will be "No subjects meet the criteria for the selected rule(s)." even though I have 1,87 entered.

Is there a way for a data-manager to still see the discrepancies, even when a data has been corrected and query closed ?
How do you check that a correction is a valid correction ? How do you highlight persistent discrepency ?
How can I avoid this kind of behaviour ?

Thanks a lot for your helpful answers,



  • RCHENURCHENU Posts: 203

    I can use any advice on this one.
    Maybe I'm missing something with OpenClinica and I'm really interested in knowing how you manage this case.

    Thanks again

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