openclinica.config is missing

In documentation of Version 3.6 for windows there is mentioned a file openclinica.config:
Consequent configuration changes SHOULD be made here c:\oc\tomcat\webapps\openclinica.config
I can't find this file. In c:\oc\tomcat\webapps there is only a directory OpenClinica. Did something went wrong during installation of Tomcat?
I use Windows 10.


  • giordanogiordano Posts: 12
    Strange: I left for some hours my notebook and now there is a folder C:\oc\tomcat\openclinica.config. It was created after some trials to start OpenClinica.
    Is it OK if this folder is in C:\oc\tomcat\openclinica.config? The docs says that the folder the path is c:\oc\tomcat\webapps\openclinica.config.

    The file in \openclinica.config is identical in C:\oc\tomcat\webapps\OpenClinica\WEB-INF\classes.
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