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Automatic e mail notifying any updates on the SAE form(s)


A rule was set up with an email action to notify the study team if AE is serious.

However, the team would like to receive an email if any updates/changes were done on the SAE form.
Sometimes full info for the SAE is not available at the time of reporting the SAE, so they do not click on complete CRF form. Also if the form is completed, they can add additional info or change/update existing data.

Is there way an email action rule to be set - e.g. SAE is yes and the page is saved a day after reporting the SAE. I was thinking using Notification action, but is for participant only. Another option was that the data entry person can send an email via the discrepancy note if she change the data, but goes to one person only.

Do you have any suggestions of creating a rule?

Thank you

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