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Import CRF Data via WebService



  • yogiyogi Posts: 25
    edited November 2016
    Hi Tomas,

    thanks for comment. Okay lets start with Analyse. I wrote some Facts before but here are a complete overview:

    ODM XML: Import via Openclinica runs perfectly (ODM XML see the download from Gerben, it was my example for my instance)

    User that i used in soap is "root" same i try the Import in openclinica it self. The User root has all needed rights. The instance of openclinica is only for my try to Import some data, absolutly dev instance.

    I used the tool SoapUI to try the Import via webservice. At first i try to read out some Facts (like study Name, Subjects). This works fine. Than i try to write some data to Openclinica with Soap. User is root, same like befor in the other Project to read. Same instance. I don´t if you are confirm with that tool "SoapUI". I will post here the code, how i try to Import. (see zip file)

    i get an error from SoapUI

    <importDataResponse xmlns=""> <result>Fail</result> <error>Your XML is not well-formed.</error> </importDataResponse>

    And know the question, why is it not well formed? it is the same that i try befor in openclinica it self. And there are no Connection Problems from soapUI to Openclinica ws. And why is the Data Response vom :| I see this the first time in this moment. Is it possible that i try to Import to :D

    Thanks! Best,
  • toskriptoskrip Posts: 255 ✭✭ is just a namespace... it should be fine

    try this:
    - in ClinicalData element change MetaDataVersionOID attribute to MetaDataVersionOID="v1.0.0"
    - remove OpenClinica:StartDate attribute from the second StudyEventData occurrence
    - remove OpenClinica:Status attribute from the second StudyEventData occurrence
    - remove OpenClinica:Version attribute from the FormData in the second StudyEventData

    you may try to compact the XML (remove the tabs and other white space characters)


  • yogiyogi Posts: 25

    after some very hard hours i got it. I have found the way to import Data via SOAP for me. Some of the Tag´s were wrong. I´m wondering becaus in the documentation of OC there have to be there (one ODM Tag with big letters, no CDATA Tag..). Anyway, it is working now.

    <div class="AlignCenter"><div class="AlignLeft"><soapenv:Body>
    	<ClinicalData StudyOID="S_ZKSJ0101_4805" MetaDataVersionOID="v1.0.0">
    		<UpsertON NotStarted="true" DataEntryStarted="true" DataEntryComplete="true"/>
    			<SubjectData SubjectKey="SS_TRDE0100_8348">
    				<StudyEventData StudyEventOID="SE_TARC" StudyEventRepeatKey="1">
    					<FormData FormOID="F_TEST_TARC1_02">
    						<ItemGroupData ItemGroupOID="IG_TEST__UNGROUPED_6071" ItemGroupRepeatKey="1" TransactionType="Insert">
    							<ItemData ItemOID="I_TEST__TARC_ASS_D" Value="2016-10-24"/>
    							<ItemData ItemOID="I_TEST__TARC_ASS_N" Value="0001"/>
    Thanks at all and special at Gerben, because i found the way with your access tool :# B)

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