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Insight makes it easy to ask questions of ALL of your clinical and operational data and visualize answers via interactive reports and dashboards. The idea is simple, but the results are powerful: ask your questions, choose your visualizations, then return often for updated, interactive results that link you to all of the underlying data.

special characters

If you ever wondered what happened with your special characters when filtering/searching, or if you are watching any of the following jira tickets:
OC-488, OC-489, OC-490, OC-503, OC-1429, OC-1527, OC-1529, OC-1530, OC-1531, OC-1532, OC-1533, OC-1534, OC-1597, OC-1654, OC-2133, OC-2351, OC-5699, OC-6911 (and I probably missed some)
then edit your server.xml to tell tomcat it must use utf-8 for the uri-encoding.
On is described how.
Documentation can be found on and scroll to "What can you recommend to just make everything work? (How to use UTF-8 everywhere)."
Gerben Rienk
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