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OpenClinica on CentOS 7?

I'm able to get OpenClinica to run on CentOS 6.7 and 6.8. Has anyone had difficulties getting it to run on CentOS 7, in particular CentOS 7.2? I'd like to try CentOS 7.2, PostgreSQL 9.5, Java 7, and Tomcat 7.


  • sfrommsfromm Posts: 12
    Ah...after a discussion with someone at OpenClinica support, it seems the objection to CentOS 7 isn't so much CentOS 7, but rather that CentOS 7 comes with Java 8. However, it's easy to have multiple versions of Java installed and point OpenClinica at the one desired (Java 7).
  • nomi951nomi951 Posts: 2
    its working fine on centos 7 with tomcat 7, java7, PostgreSQL 8.6 ... you can check step by step installation on mention link.....
  • sfrommsfromm Posts: 12
    Thanks for your reply.

    Right now I've got it working on CentOS 7 with Java 7, tomcat 7, PostgreSQL 9.5.
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