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Cannot Create Dataset

When I try to create a Dataset on OpenClinica for a CRF it shows me no information at all. I can select the items, enter the data and save and define scope for the CRF to be extracted but after that when I try to extract the dataset as an excel sheet or in an SPSS form then it is extracted but when you open the extracted file it shows no information at all for even a single participant. Can anyone help me with this. What could be the possible problem?


  • ebsebs Posts: 119 ✭✭
    When creating the dataset did you leave it as "Data from CRFs Marked Complete"? If yes and you don't have any complete I guess that would make the output blank.

    Do you get any data when extracting in other formats e.g. CDISC?
  • waqaralamwaqaralam Posts: 5
    No I picked "All Available CRF's" and did not use "Data From CRF's Marked Complete". I did not get data from CDISC
  • ebsebs Posts: 119 ✭✭
    Anything appearing in the log files?

    Is this a new install? Has it worked in the past? Anything changed recently? What setup do you have?
  • waqaralamwaqaralam Posts: 5
    I have OpeClinica Community edition interestingly the CRF's that i have uploaded and the Events that I have created are the only ones that are not downloading the one's that have been put in by other users are extracting as normal even very large datasets. I have not run the log files yet.
  • waqaralamwaqaralam Posts: 5
    When i try the CDISC i do get some large file with some data in it. it is just that in HTML, Excel or Stata that i get nothing at all.
  • waqaralamwaqaralam Posts: 5
    Just to clarify, the issue is the When I create a CRF on OpenClinica it is accepted and the data is entered in it but when I try and extract the data it shows nothing as long as the data is entered on a separate event created by myself but if i add a CRF to an already existing event then it is accepted and extracted as normal
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