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Strange REST request results

giladhosgiladhos Posts: 11
edited March 2017 in Web Services & Integration
Hi all,
I'm making a REST request and parsing the json file returned.

Rest: http://*server-address*:8080/OpenClinica/
Full REST is: http://*server-address*:8080/OpenClinica/rest/clinicaldata/json/view/*study-name*/*/*/*
(*server-address* and *study-name* are appropriatley defined)

While manually checking data integrity I came accross this:

"ClinicalData" has the following fields:
SubjectData: [subjectStudyEventData_1 , subjectStudyEventData_2 , ... , subjectStudyEventData_m] ;(this is an array)

(zoom in:)
subjectStudyEventData has the following fields:
StudyEventData : [subjectSingleStudyEvent_1 , subjectSingleStudyEvent_2 , ... , subjectSingleStudyEvent_n]

everything OK so far,
subjectSingleStudyEvent fields are:

Each subjectSingleStudyEvent is an event in OpenClinica (visit, followup etc.)

now, while each subjectStudyEventData has it's unique SubjectKey and the info I receive is correct, they are all getting the same events data and not the actual data that is in the system (all of them get the data of one patient every time)

If I use:

then I get correct event data for all patients.

Is there something wrong with making the first REST call?
Any known issue?

Thank you, Gilad



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