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The Event CRF you are trying to update does not have the correct status when importing data

I am automatizing the import of data from an older system to OC 3.12. So far, I have added a WebService that registers the subject into the study, and I am trying to import the data through xml.

Now, I am getting an error message stating "The Event CRF you are trying to update does not have the correct status when importing data", and I cannot find any reference to this error.

The OID of the event is correct, the event is shown as unscheduled, repeating, available (I have also tried switching to non-repeating, for the same result). I have no issues at all creating the event and inputting data through the webapp.

What could it be? My file is:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="US-ASCII" standalone="yes"?>
<ODM xmlns="" Description="Import">
    <ClinicalData metadataVersionOID="v1.0.0" StudyOID="S_HEPC">
        <UpsertOn DataEntryComplete="true" DataEntryStarted="true" NotStarted="false"/>
        <SubjectData SubjectKey="SS_38475749">
            <StudyEventData StudyEventOID="SE_REGISTROBASAL" StudyEventRepeatKey="1">
                <FormData FormOID="F_HEPATITISCRE_CASTELLANO" OpenClinica:Status="complete">
                    <ItemGroupData ItemGroupOID="IG_HEPAT_UNGROUPED_5955" ItemGroupRepeatKey="1" TransactionType="Insert">
                        <ItemData ItemOID="I_HEPAT_CIRROSIS_4378" Value="No"/>
                        <ItemData ItemOID="I_HEPAT_CARGAVIRAL_6592" Value="2600445"/>
                        <ItemData ItemOID="I_HEPAT_COINFECCIONVIH" Value="No"/>
                        <ItemData ItemOID="I_HEPAT_GENOTIPO_2909" Value="4"/>
                        <ItemData ItemOID="I_HEPAT_GRADOFIBROSIS_6348" Value="F4"/>
                        <ItemData ItemOID="I_HEPAT_HEPATOCARCINOMA_7638" Value="No"/>
                        <ItemData ItemOID="I_HEPAT_LISTAESPERATRANSPLANTE_2578" Value="No"/>
                        <ItemData ItemOID="I_HEPAT_TRATAMIENTOSACTUALES_7274" Value="HARVONI"/>



  • GerbenRienkGerbenRienk Posts: 763 ✭✭✭
    Did you also schedule the event before the data-import?
    And I think your FormOID is not correct, as it should be a version, not the mother-version. And I think you must remove the OpenClinica namespace for the status of the form, so that would be not
    FormData FormOID="F_HEPATITISCRE_CASTELLANO" OpenClinica:Status="complete"
    FormData FormOID="F_HEPATITISCRE_CASTELLANO_V1" Status="complete"
  • Snoopy76Snoopy76 Posts: 18
    Thanks for your comment.

    Finallly I solved it as issues with my format, but I have been so many tests that I cannot my finger on what was wrong in the code I posted.
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