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Hello everyone!

I've been remiss in not doing this sooner, because this is the community most likely to build upon, and maybe find new uses for, some materials I've recently posted to the OpenClinica blog. Please don't hesitate to share your ideas on these tools!

A Prescription for Data Management Health

Automate Your Collection of Lab Reference Ranges

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    first of all, thanks for sharing it.

    Being platform agnostic, it really has a great value (I want to automatise it with R... need time). From experience, PI are more responsive to mails than dashboards (maybe because they check their mails more often than they connect to the EDC)

    Sharing on experience/current model:
    At the moment, we send this as an excel list to the CRA. They then contact the site (DM build the tool, CRA do the 'nice and friendly' contact).
    To dive in the details, they additionally have attached excel files with the webaddress to jump to the right place. e.g. "form status".
    This List is slowly but constantly growing based on recurent cross study request.

    You mentioned the integration of dashboards in OC (with the screen shot). We might soon use the OC Community 3.13 (or later) and I couldn't find it documented. Is it only present in OC Enterprise? OC4 maybe?

    Fred (DM)
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