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Downloading Rules and large Dataset- Technical advice


Today I tried to download all my rules (680 rules) in xml, and I had a "504 Gateway Timeout error".
Are you aware of this error ? I'm using nginx as a reverse proxy on OC 3.12.
I googled this error and I finally changed my parameters in my nginx.conf file and increased my timeout from 120 to 180 for proxy_connect_timeout and proxy_read_timeout.
It seems to work now but I'm not sure if it is the appropriate solution and the right thing to do.
Could you please tell me what you think ?

My main concern is about dataset extraction. My study is very large (many subjects, follow-up, tables...) and a job runs every night to perform the extraction. For the moment it runs fine but it begins to take a large amount of time to perform the extration.
The extraction will get bigger and bigger and with time I'm afraid that it won't work anymore and I can't afford to be stuck.
Do you know which parameters I should change to optimize the extraction or to be sure that even if it takes a long time (during the night so it's ok), it is always a success ?

Thank you !


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