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Write XML rules for Repeating Items With Default Values

techsutechsu Posts: 6
Hi all,

I am facing problem with creating XML Rule for default values in Repeating Items. I wrote XML Rule with 2 actions.
1)Descrepency Note Action 2)Show Action.

For Repeating Items with default values I wrote Jquery code with help of our community. I try to wrote rule like this.

ITEM_OID eq 1 and ITEM_OID_1 ne "" or ITEM_OID_2 ne ""

  • ITEM_OID= Radio button
  • ITEM_OID_1=text box
  • ITEM_OID_2=text box
If i tried to write some thing on ITEM_OID_1 when I select this ITEM_OID

I refered this Jquery code.

Anyone help me out please,Thanks in advance

Thanks & Regards

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