31 Dec 2018: Thank you to our knowledgeable and friendly forums users for another great year. We are aware of the uptick in spam accounts and are doing our best to ban these at first sight. Thank you for your patience!

Thank you, OC community, for an incredible OC17!

Thanks to you, this year's conference was one of our most "learning-rich" ever.

We'll invite your feedback in a more structured way shortly, as well as make an OC17 content library available. Keep an eye on the forums and on blog.openclinica.com. For now, we invite you to contribute to this discussion with any thoughts, suggestions, or questions regarding OC17 and the sessions presented in Amsterdam.

Bryan Farrow
eClinical Catalyst at OpenClinica
(It's my job to tell the eClinical world what we've done and what we're doing, and to learn what else is needed in that world to get better data faster.)
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