OpenClinica VM VirtualBox - cannot open URL


I have setup the OpenClinica VM image using the installation instructions on:

When opening the URL: "http://ip-address:8080/OpenClinica/" on the VM it is working. I opened the URL on the VM on the command line using lynx.
But when I try to open the same URL on my desktop, it is not working. I tried to telnet to the URL and it looks like there is no connection possible.
Can anybody explain me what I can do to open the URL on my desktop, or did I just misunderstood and is it not possible to open the URL on my desktop?

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  • RCHENURCHENU Posts: 203
    Try modifying the network parameters in VM VirtualBox for OpenClinica.
    Settings > Network > and then Enable Network Adapter (Host-only adapter)

    Hope it helps.

  • hvtrichthvtricht Posts: 2
    thanks Romain, this did the trick!
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