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Customizing Email messages

Hi there,
We have successfully set up a study, sites, CRFs, events and all that is necessary to start working with OpenClinica. Now I have tried to customize email messages that users get when they reset their password, etc. For now, the only thing I want to add is a signature. I have found the appropriate string in notes.properties (openclinica_system_administrator), which is the last thing that is written into the mail messages.

However testing with a signature I have found that the string does not seem to accept linebreaks (\n) properly, so when I add something to it like "Registry administration\nMy company name\nMy company address", it will be written into the mail message without any linebreaks. Other strings in the notes.properties however also have linebreaks contained as a default. Anyone have any idea what the problem might be or if we are just out of luck and can't have line breaks in email messages?
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