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REST Call to get data for single CRF only


i think this topic has already been raised here somewhere in the past, but without any replies so far.
In my case i've got a CRF X in which i would need to access data from another field in CRF Y.

My approach was to write JS that uses an ajax call to get the data via the REST interface / standard call for the subject casebook (OC 3.10):


My problem is that, for performance reasons, i'd like to make the call more specific, that means to include the Event OID and CRF OID -> */*
However, the response is always all data for the given subject.

Any ideas why this is not working or what i'm doing wrong?


  • haenselhaensel Posts: 602 ✭✭✭
    Hi Bernhard

    With OC-3.12 using the oids for event and crf works. "StudyEventData" contains an entry for every event defined. But only for the event you requested you get a "FormData" entry (the others just contain a little bit metadata). So the resulting file size should be significant smaller.

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