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SHOW and HIDE in grouped items do seem not work whenmore than one??

kristiakkristiak Posts: 1,318 ✭✭✭
Hi William,

Yes I finally got it to work with 3.1.2. What I would like to see next is that you can open a separate CRF e.g. an AE CRF based upon an answer in a different CRF. Today you can only do this within the same form.


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Hi Krister

Did you fins a solution for this?

I couldn't make it work either



From: Krister Kristianson
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Subject: [Developers] SHOW and HIDE in grouped items do seem not work whenmore than one??


Has anyone ran into this problem? I have developed some modules which SHOW only when a certain answer is given, e.g. “Has patient had any Adverse Reactions?”. If yes all the AE fields are shown and can be entered. I used the excellent description that Gerben Rienk Visser developed and published on his WEB page. It works very well on the AE page when used alone but when I copy the code into a previously developed from with several sections it suddenly doesn’t work anymore. (I have modified the XML rule file to fit the new environment and the rule imported without any problems). However, when I try to enter data into the form the SHOW function does not work any more. I have struggled with this all week-end and simply cannot figure it out. One question I had, I have developed three rule files for three different sections of the main form, ConMED, MedHistory and AE. Is this correct or should the three different rule conditions be combined in one rule file and be executed consecutively?

I attach the XML files for the single from and the form with the several sections. As a well as the Excel file for the AE section.

Any idea would be welcome since I have ran out of ideas!


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