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[Users] Rule with a repeating group

Dear Michael,
Thank you for your Response,
I want to detect when I, select yes for item comorbidity and blank for group second item, kindly see the screenshot
thanks in advance
On Wed, May 30, 2012 at 11:53 AM, Michael Bluett wrote:
Dear Maryam,

In my experience, you can check for the presence (but not absence) of a record in a repeating group:

So you will only be able to detect when you have ‘No’ selected, and a record. You will not be able to detect when ‘Yes’ is selected, and there are no entries in the repeating group.

If you allow a ‘blank’ entry in your comorbidity list (perhaps a field such as a comorbidity type that can be set to ‘(select)’), you could check that ‘Yes’ is selected and the first item in the list is ‘blank’.


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Subject: [Developers] Rule with a repeating group

Hello all,
I use OpenClinca 3.0.3, I have a CRF that contains required item with a Yes/No question - "Does the Patient has COMORBIDITIE?" - followed by non required a repeating group which COMORBIDITIES?
I am trying to create a rule that validates that:
a) When "No" is selected then no records are added to the repeating group and save with no error massage show to end user.
b) When "Yes" is selected then at least one record, and when click save without any record an error massage show to end user.
The rule copied in belowis doing the job and upload successful , but with a problem it is not work when enter data , the form is saved and goes to the next section without any check .
Has anybody help me in this?



Please specify COMORBIDITIES.


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