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[Users] Data Extraction/ SAS

Dear Saeed,

I created a page on SAS here, covering the issue with partial dates and mentioning ItemDef elements (not sure if it covers your issue):

“CDISC ODM 1.3 includes a specification for a data type called partial date, which SAS can't import (it throws an error when you try to read the file). You may choose to not have partial dates in your study and use a text field instead, validated by a regular expression. Alternatively you can modify the XML export before it is imported to change partial dates to text fields (see below).”

Let me know if you are seeing any other issues (and if so, which version of OC are you using?).


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Subject: [Users] Data Extraction/ SAS

Hi All,

We are trying to extract data for SAS and we are getting the following issues:

1. for PDATE fields (Partial Date) it says the field does not have a length attribute and we cannot extract data
2. It says the fields have "no ItemDef element". What is this ItemDef element and how can we correct it?

We really appreciate any comments or suggestions.


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