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From development version to release version: notes are missing.

Hi Brendan,

You might have done this already but I’d try exporting an ODM 1.3 full extension dataset from both 3.1.3 and 3.1.2, and see where openclinica is putting your audit logs for that CRF in each case,

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Sent: Friday, 27 July 2012 7:26 AM
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Subject: [Developers] From development version to release version: notes are missing.

Hi developers, I have a problem.

I had a study set up with data entered under version 3.1.2, and changed to version 3.1.3 (alpha-4 - Changeset: 8c6a49115f19 to be specific), in order to migrate the already entered data to a newer version of the CRF, with a few added fields, everything seemed to work out just fine. Then, I go back to version 3.1.2, the CRFs are all still fine, but the discrepancies and notes do not appear in the notes and discrepancies listing. They do still register as being assigned to a particular user on their homepage, and the flags on any item will bring up the relevant thread if it exists, and the full list is available if I switch back to 3.1.3 again. I can’t figure out what was changed by the CRF version migration that would cause this disconnect, and only for the one page. I know jumping back and forth between release and development versions is bound to have hiccups on the best of days, but I can’t even find the root of this issue. I’m hoping someone a little closer to the code for the version migration can tell me what it changes, if anything, aside from active version number, or that anyone more familiar with the code could point toward something in the databse or a jsp file that I could fiddle with that might not read the data properly after Jumping versions like I did. I’m just not familiar enough with the back end code to try sussing out a culprit on my own and I’m too rusty at reading java to even figure out which jsp file is generating the page in question.

Brendan Yarmas,
First Stop CBPD Corporation
Mobile: 301-917-7439

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