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Need help Problem in Open Clinica 2.0.1 Login afterinstallation

Hello Mohammed ,
I realized that you are using tomcat 6, Have you tried using Tomcat 5.
We have not tested OpenClinica on tomcat 6 yet, so that could be a
Thank you
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Subject: Need help Problem in Open Clinica 2.0.1 Login after
Hi all,
I followed the instructions to install Open clinica 2.0.1 as in 2.0.1
Install Guide for Windows.pdf But after i logged in as "root" user. i
get a blank screen.
I hope the problem is with the DB connection. I have attached the logs.
Help in resolving this will be appreciated. I have included the log
files and configuration files.
All my environment variables are properly set.
I am using OpenClinica2.0.1 Tomcat 6.0 and JDK 1.5.0_11
Thank You
Mohammed Rafeeq
Senior Software Engineer
Expression Diagnostics (www.xdx.com)
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