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Need help Problem in Open Clinica 2.0.1Login afterinstallation

Indeed I've created one VM with OpenClinica running on standard CentOS 5
server configuration.
It takes less than 800M after compression.
And I believe it is very possible to reduce the size by remove
unnecessary service, like samba, squid, ... and the source & obj files
of postgres, tomcat, and so on...
Besides, u can always distribute it by DVD.
Jaron Sampson wrote:
> > That is an excellent idea that was discussed here a few months ago. I think the trick would be to create a VMWare image that is small enough to fit on distributable media, which I think could be done. Has anyone been successful at installing OpenClinica on a VM image small enough to fit on a CD?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Jaron
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