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OpenClinica 1.1 - Grammatical Error

On the page generated when clicking 'Manage Study', some instructions
appear. They read:
List of all subjects with their enrollment dates and status of study
events. Select any subject for details on their subject record and study
events or reassign them to a different study/site.
The subject of the second sentence ("subject") is singular, so the pronoun
used to describe the subject's record ("their") should be singular (i.e
his/her) instead of plural ("their"). The same is true for the word "them";
it should be replaced by "him" or "her". See attached screenshot.
<<OpenClinica - Manage Study - Manage Subjects.bmp>>
Michelle L. McCotter
Programmer Analyst
Childrens Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases
Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles
Phone: (323) 644-8648
Email: [email protected]
OpenClinica - Manage Study - Manage Subjects.bmp
OpenClinica - Manage Study - Manage Subjects.bmp 865 KB
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