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RE: [Developers] Hidden Fields

I wanted to take a moment and answer both of your questions.

For Joshua’s question, this would be more of a Skip Pattern feature which is not part of OpenClinica yet. A work around is to specify a rule which alerts the data entry person to the fact they entered data that should be left blank, and the value should not be provided. Hopefully Alicia’s email can help you out with some ideas.

For Hevoila’s question, which I think is different from Joshua’s but let me know if I am wrong, there isn’t a way to implement a hidden field in OpenClinica out of the box. I do not know if other users have found a way to do it yet.

We are in the process of implementing hidden fields in the CRF by defining them in the CRF template. As we gather requirements, I would like to ask everyone on the list their opinions on how the hidden field should be interpreted.

Should the hidden field be hidden at all times in the CRF? That means no user can see the field when entering data, or viewing a CRF. The data for that field could only be imported and exported, and there would be no way to manually key in the data or edit the information.
Should the hidden field only be hidden from certain types of users i.e. Clinical Research Coordinators and Data Entry People, while other users can see it and edit the information?

The implementation of hidden fields will be tied to a new Coding feature in OpenClinica, but the hidden fields could be used for different purposes. I can provide more information on the Coding feature as we gather more requirements and decide on the implementation strategy.

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OpenClinica does not currently support hidden fields; however, you can write cross-field validations to ensure that if normal is selected, that no data is entered in a comments field and vice versa- if abnormal is selected, comments are required.

For documentation and sample rules files, please see: http://www.openclinica.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=developerwiki:roadmap#milestone_4_garnet .

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I too, am interested in the response to this question. Also setting the field inactive, such as "If 'body sytem' is normal, inactivate the 'Explain' field, else activate if abnormal"
On Fri, 21 Nov 2008 11:33:37 +0100, hevoila wrote
> Hello,
> Can we hidde a field in Open Clinica?
> Like this html code :
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> Hevoila.
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