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Export for SAS

Dear All,
I was wondering how many users are importing data from OpenClinica into
SAS is my preferred tool for data manipulation but, for a number of
reasons, I have not been finding the ODM export very helpful. It seems
to me that the metadata captured during CRF design could be used to
create the SAS data sets and that this should include data set labels,
variable labels, format libraries, etc. I am no expert in XML but I have
explored the XML libname engine and the XML mapper. SAS support for XML
structures that are simpler than ODM appears to be significantly better
than SAS support for ODM.
It should be possible for OpenClinica to produce a simple XML export
that includes a SAS XML map. This would enable a SAS user to be able to
access the data using a single libname statement.
Do any SAS users out there see the benefit of this as an alternative
approach to ODM? Please let me know. If there appears to be support from
the community I will document the idea further.
Rick Watts B.Sc.(Hons) FICR CSci
Clinical Research Informatics Core (CRIC)
Women and Children's Health Research Institute
(780) 248-1170
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