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RE: [Developers] Study Subject ID & Person ID


Study Subject ID (SSID) is a unique identifier for a subject within a Study. SSID is how subjects are identified in the database and is a required field. When creating a Study, there are several options for how an SSID is to be generated: manually entered or auto generated and editable or auto generated and non-editable.

Person ID is an identifier is a global identifier and is used to track a patient across multiple studies. This means that if the same subject is going to be enrolled in more than one subject, they can have a person ID to track their subject data across studies. The person ID would be used in addition to SSID. When creating a study, this option can be turned on or off. Person ID does not need to be collected.

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I think, it's a trivial question.

What's the different between Study Subject ID & Person ID, and how can we use
What are the limits for each?

Can we have once kind of study Subject ID for all the study?

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PS: Thanks Paul for you're last mail about the hidden field.
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