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RE: Validation Rules Issue:

cmtilvecmtilve Posts: 54
Hello, Bernd
I suppouse that I_REACT_REAC_TYPE_OF_DIABETES has an "int" type. I suggest you replace the condition eq "3" for eq 3, without the quotation marks. OC might be interpreting that as a String.
By the by, as far as i've noticed Event OIDs always begin with SE_ (right now you have S_REACTION, check the syntax of the OIDs, it might be worth it)
One question, did you upload the CRD F_REACTION_50 using its excel file? I mention this because CRFs OIDs always have 4 letters in our studies. I don't know if this is configurable or it changed int the latest revisions of OC.
I hope this helps.
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Hi there,
I´ve an issue on writing validation rules.
If I test my rule in the webinterface within the "Test Rules" dialog i paste the following:
The answer I´ve got was:
Rule Result: Fail : Extra Data in Expression.
If I try to upload the XML I got an Target Syntax Invalid error.
Here´s my XML:


If 'Type of Diabetes' equals 'other' then you have to specify.

If 'Type of Diabetes' equals 'other' then you have to specify.


Any hints for me?
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