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Difference between event status ""Skipped""and ""Stopped

does anyone know if there is a functional difference between the event status "skipped" and "stopped". Is there any effect on future access to the event's data (view, edit, export)?
I would appreciate your input
Thank you,
Claudia Trepte
Data Manager
NovaShunt AG


  • sookeyosookeyo Posts: 75
    hi Claudia,
    As far as i have used OC, an event skipped or stopped does not affect future data access but affects the data entry in that when skipped,its left pending for in case there will be some additional data in future and no more entries can be done at that time,when stopped,its like the event will no more continue receiving data but extraction of the already entered data is possible
    Seth- DNDi data centre-Nairobi
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