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problems with date of enrollment and date of birth

I have found strange problem with date of enrollment and date of birth, that you are entering during adding of new subject. I noticed, that they are different than those entered. I am attaching two screenshots (first -> data entered during adding a subject, second is a data that appear after looking into subject record). I would be grateful for any help with this very important form me issue.
Kind regards,
Daniel Rabczenko
subject record.GIF
add_subject.GIF 11.9 KB
subject record.GIF 12.0 KB


  • Hi Daniel,

    Looking at your second screenshot, it looks like you are using the Polish language setting in your browser ('07-lip-2011'). Is that the case? If you change your default browser language to English, do you still have this problem?

    Best, Tom

    Tom Hickerson | Senior Tier-2 Engineer
    [email protected]
    Open Source Platform for Clinical Research
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