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This is Siva Sankar,
I'm going to work on OpenClinica.I'm new to OpenClinica.
Can you please give me advice on how to setup OpenClinica project in Eclipse.
I download the project and set in Eclipse IDE.
But how to compile and how to run i don't know.

How to create one more header in CRF XL Sheet.
One more important thing is what is the flow of OpenClinica.
Like...jsp--->Servlet--->Helper classes-->DAO-->SQL.
How to see OpenClinica logs.
Can u please suggest me.
waiting for your replay.
Thanks & Regards,
Sankar Reddy M.


  • Hi Siva,

    A few answers to your questions:

    1. Setting up the OpenClinica project in Eclipse - you can find more information here: https://openclinica.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=developerwiki:gettingstarted

    2. Compiling and running OpenClinica - you will have to use a project called Maven in order to properly compile and deploy to another project called Apache Tomcat. You can find out more about Maven by following the above link.

    3. Creating one more header in the CRF XLS sheet - you will actually have to update the Java code in order to do this. I would start by looking at the org.akaza.openclinica.control.admin.SpreadSheet* java objects, and then trying to add a column on your own.

    4. Flow: we base the project on MVC, so your description is accurate.

    5. Logs: this can be set up by modifying the logback.xml file under the /resources directory. The log files themselves will appear under Tomcat's /logs directory.

    Hope all these answers help you, let us know if you have any others.

    Best, Tom

    Tom Hickerson
    Senior Developer
    Akaza Research, LLC
    New office address:
    460 Totten Pond Road
    Suite 200
    Waltham, MA 02451
    Direct: (617) 209 4171
    Main: (617) 621 8585
    Fax: (617) 621 0065
    [email protected]
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