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Open Source EHR Suite for integration with OpenClinica



  • wdeanmedicalwdeanmedical Posts: 18
    Here is a a first attempt at the API for OC to WDM communication via HL7 FHIR.

    It will be a REST-like interface with the option of FHIR formatted as XML or JSON

    The URL structure on our side will be the following:

    {GET/POST} /ext/{json/xml}/{method}/{arg1}/{arg2}/{arg3} …

    It will be a GET or POST to a method and there will be arguments to that method, particularly if it is a GET.

    Although not pure REST, it is straightforward and you need not be Noam Chomsky to understand it.

    This will apply to all 3 of the core products: EHR. Practice Manager, and Patient & Family Portal.

    We will start with CRUD operations on a Patient along with a full “Blue Button” style dump of a patient’s set of records.

    Some ideas for methods would be:

    Authorize a service client by credentials submitted via POST.
    POST /ext/json/auth

    Get a patient by ID
    GET /ext/json/getPatient/ABC123

    Update a patient by ID with FHIR formatted patient data in POST header.
    POST /ext/xml/updatePatient/ABC123

    Get the patient’s full record.
    GET /ext/xml/getPatientFullRecord/ABC123

    I will great the interfaces and provide working examples for these by June 15 to the OC community.
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